Submission Guidelines

To be considered for publication, you must follow our guidelines carefully or your manuscript will not be read. Please keep in mind that all our submissions must pass a second reading before you will be contacted.  If you have not received a response to your submission by the end of the year, your manuscript was not selected for further consideration. We encourage you to revise your submission and resubmit the following year. Please read these guidelines carefully.

Fiction Submission Guidelines Amphorae Publishing is open to a wide variety of genres through each of our imprints:

Blank Slate Press:  publishes works with a literary sensibility in Historical Fiction, Contemporary Fiction, Crime Fiction, Mystery/Thriller Fiction, Literary Fiction

Walrus Publishing: publishes works which “push the envelope” and seek to break new ground in writing in science fiction/fantasy, relationship, memoir, regional, humor, and LGBTQ.

Treehouse Publishing Group: publishing children’s books, picture books, middle grade, and young adult (fiction and non-fiction)

The bottom line is great writing, intriguing characters, and a little extra something to stand out in the crowd–even for non-fiction. Amphorae seeks excellent writers who are committed to and excited about marketing their book, fostering their author presence online and off, and building a community of readers.

Please note that:

  • We do not publish poetry.
  • We don’t accept novels less than 50,000 words. Preferably, the manuscript will be at least 60,000 and no longer than 120,000. (Exceptions can be made but only in extraordinary cases.)
  • We don’t accept short story or poetry collections.
  • We are looking for non-fiction.

Submission Checklist

  • We only accept manuscripts in Microsoft Word and will only read them if they are formatted properly.
  • After you fill out the form, upload your your 2-page summary and your full manuscript and hit submit.

Formatting checklist:

  • Advice: Set up your document using Microsoft Word Styles. It makes life easier for you (once you figure it out) and life easier for us (and other agents and editors) as we go through the reading/editing process and as we format the interior of the book. We want to consider your writing, not your taste in fonts.
  • Double spaced Times New Roman, 12 point font
  • Five-space paragraph indents (set up in Paragraph/Styles)
  • Header and body styles (to easily create a Table of Contents) set up in Styles on the Home tab
  • One inch margins
  • New chapters start approx. half-way down a new page
  • Name, title, genre, page number in the upper right hand corner of the header

What makes a great manuscript  for Amphorae are good stories well told. Writing that makes a reader think. Themes and conflicts relevant to universal human struggle, societal issues, or philosophical values. Or all three.  The book must be engaging and keep us turning the pages. Good, solid writing. This means realistic dialogue, sensory descriptions, clear narration, purposeful word choice, and few grammatical errors. We recognize that no one is perfect and that typos and grammatical errors will slip by unnoticed–that’s why editors and proofreaders exist. That said, a manuscript with too many blatant errors and careless misspellings will not be considered no matter how wonderful the story. That’s it.